Ginger - Ginger is an important herb for a healthy heart. Ayurvedic physicians suggest that eating a little bit of ginger every day will help to prevent heart attack. It reduces cholesterol. It also reduces blood pressure and prevents blood clots. Ginger's heart-helping attributes are similar to that of garlic. Ginger interferes with the long sequence of events necessary for blood clots to form. This helps to prevent clots that can lodge in narrowed coronary arteries and set off a heart attack.

    Product Name: Tasly Miss Bee Propolis & Glossy Ganoderma Capsule

    Natural Propolis and Glossy Ganoderma (Ganodorma Lucidum) Spore

    4 capsules PO bid

    250mg × 30 capsules

    1.Improve your health
    2.Help prevent tumors and enhance immunity
    3.Delay aging

    Tasly Propolis & Glossy Ganoderma Capsule is a successful combination of natural Propolis and Chinese Glossy Ganoderma. Glossy Ganoderma is a kind of famous fungus generally called 'Grass of Heaven' in China.

    Tasly Propolis & Glossy Ganoderma Capsule is highly effective for regulating and activating the body natural immune system. It helps to strengthen blood function and improve leukocyte level. Also, it is highly effective for strengthening body's own anticancer activity and the harmony among the body functions. It also helps cleaning the body from oxygen free radicals.

    People of all ages can benefit from it.

    Tasly Propolis & Glossy Ganoderma Capsule is totally based on Propolis anticancer property, In addition, many famous herbal ingredients of Glossy Ganoderma is added to it, making it a stronger anti-cancer drug with minimal side effects. People of all ages can benefit from it.
    Why can Prop & Glossy increase immunity?
    Propolis is the resinous cement in the buds of trees collected and repeatedly processed by bees. Only 100-150g propolis is produced by a family of 50,000-60,000 bees through a year. Hence it is called “purple gold”. It is told by experts that the honeycomb is completely coated with propolis to prevent pollen, honey and royal jelly from decaying. Propolis, as the drug of bees, protects them against illness and purifies their surroundings. The other ingredient Ganoderma is regarded by ancient Chinese as a miraculous drug able to revive the dying and prolong life into eternity. In modern science, Ganoderma has been proved to contain multiple medicinal ingredients like Ganoderma Lucidum polysaccharides, triterpenoids and nucleotides, which can effectively increase resistance to various diseases.

    Product Name: Tasly Miss Bee Royal Jelly Softgel Capsule

    Natural Royal Jelly

    3 capsules PO bid

    500mg × 30 capsules

    not advisable for infants

    1.Improve nutrition and strengthen brainpower
    2.Delay aging and strengthen physical strength
    3.Tranquilize mind and improve sleep quality

    Royal jelly is the crown jewel among beehive products. Royal jelly is the food secreted by the nurse bees and fed to the growing Queen.

    Royal Jelly Softgel Capsule is effective for improving body nutritional values. It helps to enrich the brain, therefore, it benefits for strengthen our memory. Also, it could help enhancing body immunity and rebuild the energy. It's highly effective for strengthening the bone marrow system. Royal Jelly itself is full of Vitamins, proteins and SOD enzymes that have the functions of anti-fungus and anti-bacteria and makes skin smoother and more lustrous.

    Royal Jelly Softgel Capsule is a successful combination of natural Royal Jelly with the essence of honey and pollen. People of all ages can benefit from Royal Jelly Softgel Capsule except infants. The people who have low body energy and immunity can highly benefit from it.

    What is royal jelly?
    Royal jelly, the food for the queen bee and larvae, is the milky or yellowish creamy secretion from the palate of honeybees. The effect of royal jelly on longevity is clearly shown in the bee family. A working bee eating ordinary food can live about one month only while the queen bee can live for 5 years or so. 60 times as long as the former’s life! 3 times as strong as the former! According to the Chinese Materia Medica, royal jelly, alias “longevity factor”, is able to prolong life, increase immunity, improve sleep, boost memory and nourish skin. This precious natural supplement is the first choice for patients with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, tumor, hepatitis and gastric disorders as well as people in poor physical conditions.

    Product Name: Tasly BF- Cen Forte

    Beta-carotene, retinol acetate, dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, ascorbic acid, cyanocobalamin 1%SD, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pyridoxine, hydrochloride, folic acid, ergocalciferol, calcium phosphate dibasic, dihydrate, calcium pantothenate, zinc oxide, potassium iodide, magnesium oxide, copper oxide, niacinamide, manganese sulfate, monohydrate, potassium chloride, chromium chloride hexahydrate, ferrous fumarate, sodium selenate, nickel sulfate hexahydrate, sodium metavanadate, sodium molybdate dihydrate, etc.

    1 tablet PO pd

    100 tablets

    1. Balanced nutritional supplement
    2. Regulate metabolism
    3. Enhance immunity

    Cen Forte is made up of all the elements of minerals and vitamins required for human body. Because of scientific formulation, it can keep the balance of nutrition of healthy body!

    Cen Forte can meet the need of human body of daily requirement of minerals and vitamins. As we know, although the amount of minerals and vitamins in human body are very little, they play very important role in several aspects. From body building, regulating metabolism, regulating internal incretion, balancing of water and minerals to direct ills caused by deficiency of minerals and vitamins.

    I eat fruits and vegetables every day. Is it necessary to supplement vitamins?
    Although there are various vitamins and minerals in fruits and vegetables, the content is not quite high and not all can be ingested. Nutritional experts suggest taking adequate vitamin and mineral supplements to achieve balanced nutrition and health.

Product Name: Tasly Milk Calcium

Milk Calcium + Vitamin D

tablets PO bid

21000mg × 100 tablets

Milk calcium Traditional Calcium Active Calcium
Processing Manner Extracted from natural milk through ionic exchanging. Chemical synthesize. Such as: Carbonate Calcium (Not dissolve in water), Lactic Acid Calcium (Dissolve in water) etc. Calcining from oyster shell

(Not dissolve in water).
Calcium Capacity ≥10% ≥3% ≥1%
Absorb Ratio ≥90% ≥20-60% ≥20-60%
Side Effects No To stimulate the stomach. Calcium is difficult to be absorbed. High alkalescence capacity is easy to cause discomfort of stomach and anorexia..
Factors affecting the calcium absorbing

Ca/P access to 2:1 near to the ratio of bone, which is easy to be absorbed by human-beings.

To promote calcium absorb.

To help absorb calcium
1. Access to 2:1

2. Abundant

3. Suitable
1. No

2. No

3. No
1. No

2. No

3. No

  1. Supplement human body with plentiful calcium, phosphorus and proteins and help in the formation and development of bones
  2. Help to prevent and treat hypo-genesis and osteoporosis of children due to calcium deficiency
  3. Good taste, easy to absorb and without any heavy metal or side effect
Calcium one of the most important mineral having a multiple role in the human body. Absence of calcium in the body results in low body immunity, collagen diseases, chronic rheumatic arthritis, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, migraine, diabetes, obesity and hypertension like diseases.

At the same time it is effective for excessive sweating, anorexia, insomnia. The high content of calcium and easy absorption has made Tasly Milk Calcium Tablets an outstanding product of modern times. Addition of Vitamin D makes Tasly Milk Calcium tablets more nutritious.

What ages is Milk Calcium best fit for?
The normal eating habit can not meet the body’s daily demand for calcium. Therefore, ingestion of additional calcium is necessary for people at all ages, especially pregnant women, seniors, babies and children. Calcium deficiency causes malnutrition and underdevelopment for children, produces negative impacts on the next generation in the case of pregnant women, and leads to osteoporosis in the elderly and inclination to bone fracture as a result of falling.

    Products Name: Tasly Kings Capsule

    Radex Ginseng,
    Rhizoma Atractylodis Macrocephalae,
    Sclerotium Poriae Cocos

    1 capsule PO qd; take 2 hours pc

    300mg x 6 capsules

    Relieve fatigue
    Chinese Herbs have been used as remedy for impotence and sexual hypofunction for centuries in China. The Tasly King's Capsule is a combination of herbs highly effective for improving impotence and sexual dysfunctions.

    King's capsule is a successful combination of precious herbs such as Ginseng, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Fructus Lycii etc.

    Ginseng has been looked as a tonic for the whole body, and believed to cure lethargy, impotence, senility and many other conditions. Studies show an increase in sperm count as well as motility.

    Fructus Lycii (Gouqizi) is used to treat male infertility, nourish and tonify liver and kidney to treat weakness of the lower back and knees, impotence and seminal emission.

    Radix Angelicae Sinensis meant to enrich blood, activate blood circulation, regulate menstruation, relieve pain, and relax bowels.

    Tasly herbal remedy for impotence and sexual hypo function is the top scientists'suggestions, which should satisfy your needs. There are no side effects, and it will give you a better sexual life. Impotent men with sexual hypo function can benefit from it.

    Product Name: Tasly Ginseng Rh2 Capsule

    Ginsenosides & Red Ginseng Extract

    2 capsules PO tid

    350mg x 30 capsules

    1.Enhance immunity, help to inhibit tumor growth and increase antineoplastic ability
    2.Assist in treating tumors, reduce side effects caused by radiotherapy and chemotherapy and enhance the ability of recovery
    3.Delay aging and prevent diseases

    For thousands of years people around the world and especially people of China have been using Ginseng as a tonic. The miraculous effect of Ginseng comes from ginsenoside Rh2 with extremely high anti-cancer activity proved by modern scientific research. It can improve the body immunity rapidly and rebuild the damaged immune system. Due to lower content of Rh2 in ginseng and high price, only small part of population can benefit from this miraculous substance.

    The epoch-making Tasly Ginseng Rh2 Capsule has increased the content of Rh2 by more than 1,000 times through originally created technology and bringing out the breathtaking effect of Rh2. It is proved clinically that Tasly Ginseng Rh2 can increase leukocyte levels in 2-3 days after administration. It can notably control the proliferation and metastasis of cancer cells while reducing the incidence of cancer. Promote the synthesis of DNA and RNA and improve the body immunity.


    Product Name: Tasly Probiotics Powder

    Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei subsp.casei, Bifidobacterium bifidum,Bifidobacterium animalis,Streptococcus thermophilus, inulin, Isomaltose, Glucose, strawberry powder, strawberry flavor, silicon dioxide,Magnesium.

    1 sachet per service, once a day. Eat directly or drink by pouring warm water (under 40℃),it is recommended to be used after meals and avoid on an empty stomach.

    1.Improve constipation
    2.Alleviate the diarrhea
    3.Improve immunity

    Who should use probiotics?
    1) Children: relieve constipation and anorexia and promote absorption. Healthy children need good eating and excretion. 2) Mature women: discharge toxins to improve beauty. Discharge toxins in a safe way to keep constipation away and enjoy both health and beauty. 3) Adult men: mitigate the disorders of intestinal flora and constipation arising from work stress and irregular lifestyle. 4) Seniors: smooth the intestine to facilitate excrement, remove intestinal toxins and delay intestinal aging. 5) People after antibiotic therapy: restore the beneficial intestinal flora damaged during medication.

    Product name: Tasly Citrus Sour Tablet

    Citric acid
    sodium bicarbonate
    polyethylene glycol 6000
    carboxymethylceliulose sodium

    Dissolve 1-2 tablets in a glass of boiled water and take orally after effervescence; 1-2 times a day

    4000mg × 12 tablets

    1. Help to cure damaged hepatic cells
    2. Assist in relieving different forms of hepatitis, cirrhosis, and liver damages due to food or drug poisoning
    3. Improve the environment of liver cells and promote hepatic microcirculation

    What are the advantages of Citrus Sour?
    Citrus Sour is made into effervescent tablet to increase absorption rate. The product helps to relieve hepatitis, cirrhosis and hepatic lesions arising from food or drug poisoning. When the tablet is put in water, considerable bubbles (carbon dioxide) are immediately produced under the action of the disintegrant to cause the tablet to disintegrate and dissolve quickly. Sometimes the bubbles cause the tablet to roll up and down, which quickens disintegration and dissolution. In addition, the carbon dioxide generated when the tablet is disintegrated partly dissolves in the water, giving the drink a taste of soda.
    Product Name: Tasly Miss Bee Propolis & Water Lily Pollen Capsule.

    Natural Propolis & Water Lily Pollen

    3 capsules PO bid

    500mg x 30 capsules

    1. Long-term use makes your skin fair, soft, smooth, elastic and glossy
    2. Regulate endocrine secretion
    3. Keep you slim

    Don't use for infants, pregnant or breast-feeding women and hypersensitive people.

    Tasly Propolis and Pollen capsule combine the natural Propolis and bee pollen successfully, thus producing a combined effect. As the most natural products found on earth, Propolis and bee pollen has a long history of healing.

    Propolis and Pollen capsule is effective for regulating body endocrine system and improving skin blood supply. It also strengthens the activity and metabolism of the skin. In addition, it is also helpful to prevent skin pigmentation and resist skin cancer. For males, it prevents hypertrophy of the prostrate as well. It also could protect liver from anemia and diabetes.

    Tasly Propolis and Pollen capsule consist of best selected high quality Pollen and natural Propolis. People having endocrine imbalance can benefit from it.

    Product Name: Tasly Miss Bee Propolis Softgel Capsule

    Natural Propolis

    2 capsules PO bid

    400mg × 30 capsules

    1. Inhibit the growth of many viruses, bacteria and fungi and enhance immunity
    2. Soften blood vessels and improve microcirculation

    Bees make propolis by gathering resin or sap from plants and combining it with enzymes.  They use it to keep their hives free from infection. For this reason propolis is known as ‘nature’s best defence’.

    Propolis has been around for over 45 million years, and has been used by man for thousands of years. Propolis is a sticky resin, which seeps from the buds of certain trees. The bees gather propolis, sometimes called “bee glue” and carry it home in their pollen baskets. The worker bees then take the resinous material and add salivary secretions and wax flakes to it and use the bee propolis in two ways: firstly to reinforce the hive itself, and secondly propolis protects the hive from bacterial and viral infection.

    Propolis capsules contains a herbal treatment that has been used for a variety of purposes for thousands of years. It comes from the cones of trees in the pine family but is not often collected directly from the cones but from bees that collect it to use in their hives. Medical tests have confirmed that propolis capsules probably have antibiotic, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties and that they may have anti-inflammatory properties as well. Topically, propolis is effective as a treatment for genital herpes and sores in the mouth and may be effective in the treatment of other wounds and sores.
    Medical studies have confirmed that propolis is an effective treatment for the sores caused by genital herpes. This condition is caused by a chronic viral condition, and the antiviral enzymes in propolis allow it to fight off the herpes infections. The effectiveness of this herbal treatment rivals current herpes topical creams and may eliminate herpes outbreaks more quickly and reliably. Liquid or gel filled propolis capsules can be broken open so that the propolis can be placed directly on the sores.

    Tasly Propolis Soft gel capsule could help to improve elasticity of blood vessels eliminate and prevent the pilling of contents on walls of vessels and lower the blood viscosity. It can regulate the blood pressure, blood cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It could help to balance the endocrine system, improve immunity and relieve fatigue. It strengthens the macrophage activity, antibody output, and therefore, protects people from different diseases.
    Product Name: Tasly Miss Bee Propolis Syrup

    Natural Propolis

    5 drops tid


    1. Protect skin and mucous membrane and help to cure skin injury, ulcer, angular stomatitis, parodontopathy etc
    2. Help hemostasis and quick healing of wounds
    3. Help improving cough, bronchitis, nasal obstruction, headache, fever, and inflammation of the tonsils and throat

    Propolis Syrup is a modern technology product of totally natural Propolis, which is in the form of syrup.

    Tasly Propolis Syrup has strong effect on resisting germs and diminishing inflammation. It can kill many kinds of bacteria, epiphytes and virus to prevent infection. It also could accelerate wound healing and tissue recovery. It is highly effective for burned wounds. It has become an excellent choice to restore and repair the functions of inner organs such as treating indigestion, mouth and gastric ulcers and assisting in respiratory tract infections. Tasly Propolis also could make skin more beautiful and prevent it from getting old. In addition, it is also helpful for lower blood cholesterol and blood sugar level.

    Tasly Propolis Syrup has made natural Propolis available in the form of syrup, making it applicable for skin rashes, infections, wounds and burns. It is a brand new product that can completely dissolve in water while keeping all active ingredients of Propolis intact. People of all ages can benefit from it.

    Product Name: Tasly Bitter Melon Powder Capsule

    Bitter Melon Powder

    2 capsules PO tid Take 30min ac

    500mg × 30 capsules

    No side effect, don't use for pregnancy.

    1. Relieve insulin resistance
    2. Relieve metabolic syndrome

This product totally extracted from fresh bitter melons with ingredients capable of decreasing blood glucose levels. Especially the people who are suffering from Type 2 Diabetes can benefit from it.

Diabetes is a condition in which body is unable to regulate the blood glucose level, resulting in too much glucose (sugar) in the blood. There are mainly two types of Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2.

In present days diabetes is being treated mainly through Conventional Medical Treatment methods including Oral Antidiabetic Agents, injectable insulin etc.

Looking back to nature botanical medicine also give us a promising way to treat diabetes. Bitter Melon or Momordica Charantia has been used as famous herb to treat diabetes since ages in China.

Bitter Melon Powder can reduce blood sugar and blood lipid, improve metabolism and immunity, and be used in assistant treating subsequent complications of diabetes Type I and II.

  • P-Insulin acts as an insulin substitute and helps restore function of insulin.
  • Charantin enhances insulin secretion and improves the sensitivity of insulin receptors and transportation. 
  • Chromium is an important ingredient of the product that can improve insulin transportation.

Is Bitter Melon Powder applicable to patients using insulin?
Yes, it may be used. The product is made from natural plants and has no side effects. It promotes insulin secretion, increases sensitivity to insulin, and improves insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.

    Product Name: Tasly Aloe

    Wheat Grass
    Aloe Vera Extract

    1 sachet per serving, 1or 2 times daily


          1. Lose weight
          2. Detoxification

          Product Name:
          Tasly Cranberry Powder

          Cranberry Juice Powder
          Grape Juice Powder

          Suggest adding 1 sachet to each 100mL water, once daily


          1. Prevent urinary infections
          2. Remove free radicals and prevent oxidation

          Cranberry, a glossy, scarlet red, very tart berry native to America, lives only in highly acid soil on cold highlands.

          It usually takes 3-5 years for the "Ruby of North America" which is planted less than 40,000 acres globally grows into red fruit.

          Tasly Cranberry Powder sourced from the Early Black Cranberry variety native to North America, which has the highest content of procyanidin.

          Active ingredients in Early Black Cranberry are 10 times more than those in common cranberry.

          Product Name:
          Tasly I-Cleansing Capsule
          Radix et Rhizoma Rhei Tuber Ophiopogonis Japonici Radix Pseudostellariae Semen Cassiae Semen Persicae 
          Dosage 2 capsules qd-bid; take 30min ac for best results  
        Package 300mg × 20 capsules

          1. Remove retained solid waste from the bowels.
          2. Improve intestinal microcirculation.
          3. Enhance physiological functions of the digestive system.
          Product Name: Tasly Seal Oil

          Seal Oil, Vitamin E, Glycerine & Water

          1capsule PO bid

          500mg × 60 capsules

          Nutritional Information: Each capsule (500mg) contains DHA 210mg, EPA 180mg, DPA 90mg, which is refined from Harp Seal Oil.

          1. Reduce triglyceride and cholesterol.
          2. Lower blood viscosity and improve microcirculation.
          3. Increase the bioactivity of brain cells, strengthen memory.

        Omega-3 has been proven to be vitally important in human health, growth and development. Generally speaking, their functions in human body include:
        1. Omega-3 is an essential part for the cellular membrane to remain function. A shortage of Omega-3 reduces the ability of cells to efficiently perform their functions, accordingly leads to nutrient starvation and chronic illnesses.
        2. Eicosanoids, the most critical of which are prostaglandins, are also converted by Omega-3. Prostaglandins are important for the regulation of inflammation, pain, blood pressure, heart function, gastrointestinal function and secretions, kidney function transmission, steroid production and hormone synthesis. Lacking or unbalanced of Omega-3 leads to dysfunction of these vital bodily activities.
        3. DHA has been identified as an essential building block of brain, nerve and eye tissue. It is especially important to the development of an infant's visual acuity.
        4. EPA diminishes inflammation and blood clots within the cardiovascular system.
        5. DPA, as the effective agent, is almost as important as either DHA or EPA; Tasly Omega-3 Fatty Acid Capsule refined from Harp seal Oil includes the essential fatty acid Alpha-linolenic acid and its longer chain metabolites (DHA-Docosahexaenoic Acid, DPA-Docosapentaenoic Acid & EPA- Eicosapentaenoic Acid). And that has more DPA which is special in protecting and repairing blood vessels, reducing coronary artery diseases of women. People of all ages can benefit from it.

          What is seal oil? Is it the same as fish oil?
          Seal oil is a product containing plentiful Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids extracted from the fatty tissue of seals and is different from fish oil.

          Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids include: EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid): the so-called “vascular cleaner” removes the garbage (cholesterol and triglyceride) from blood vessels; DPA (Docosapentaenoic acid): mostly found in human milk and seal oil and seldom in fish oil, it is effective in preventing vascular hardening and platelet aggregation; DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid): the so-called “brain gold” softens blood vessels, improves intelligence and enhances eyesight. The seal oil softgel on the market looks similar to fish oil softgel, but is different from fish oil, another product containing Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids with much less content and types and less desired effects.

          Product Name: Tasly Red Yeast Tablet

          Red Yeast Rice Extract

          Take 2 tablets 2 times per day (morning and evening) after food, or follow doctor's advice.

          500mg × 60 tablets

          1. Regulate blood lipoid levels.
          2. Help to prevent cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

        Red Yeast, known as 'Hong Qu' in China, is a traditional Chinese medicine that is made from rice.

        The material has been used in China as a dietary supplement as well as for curing diseases for about more than 1000 years.

        Tasly Red Yeast Tablet is totally from natural-rice. It is highly effective at reducing cholesterol.

        The special characteristics of this product include unique producing techniques, standardized manufacturing procedure, strict quality control and clearly defined main active ingredients.

        People with high blood lipid levels or blood viscosity, people in high risk of atherosclerosis, people who suffer from atherosclerosis, and the ones who are in rehabilitation state from strokes.

         Hyperlipidemia, usually found in elderly people, is a disease caused by lipid metabolic disorder that requires long-term treatment.

        Hyperlipidemia is a major cause of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and cerebral apoplexy.

        Tasly Red Yeast Tablet has positive effect of reducing the level of total cholesterol (TC), triglyceride (TG) and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) as well as increasing the level of high-density lipoprotein cholesterol (HDL-C).

        About 4-6 weeks after the administration of this product, the symptom of cardio-cerebrovascular disease such as chest distress, chest pain, dizziness, headache, shortness of breath, swollen stomach, fatigue of body, numbness of body and extremities, etc. were significantly alleviated.

            Product Name: Tasly Cerebralcare Granules

            Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Rehmannine Preparata, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Rhizoma Gastrodiae Elatae, Semen Cassiae, Caulis Spatholobi, Herba cum Radice Asari, Concha Margaritifera, and Spica Prunellae Vulgaris

            1 sachet per time, 1 to 2 times per day, taken with lukewarm water.

            4g x 10 sachets

            1. Relieve headaches caused by various reasons.
            2. Improve cerebral circulation, enhance blood and oxygen supply, and help to improve chronic cerebral circulation insufficiency.
            3. Help to prevent cerebrovascular diseases and recovery from stroke. 
          Description:Tasly Cerebralcare Granules is a new generation herbal food supplement which Improves Mental alertness - Revives vital energy.

          It is beneficial for overcoming various types of headache, improves soft brain membrane micro-circulation, increases blood flow to the brain and prevents vascular spasm.

          Its main indications being preventing headache due to hypertension, tension due to stress, menopausal headache, periodic headache, migraine and etc.

          In another word, it is excellent for relieving various headaches by dual effects (overcoming the cause and symptom as well) and rapidly improving micro-blood circulation in the brain. Thus effectively reduces occurrence of headache.

          What shall I do if feeling dizziness or headache during travel for unknown reasons?
          The dizziness or headache during travel is primarily induced by altitude stress, motion sickness, hypertension, insomnia, cervical spondylosis, etc. 

          CerebralCare Granules may be taken despite the specific reason. Studies have proved that CerebralCare Granules dilates brain vessels, relieves vascular spasm, improves brain microcirculation, lowers blood viscosity and mitigates muscular spasm. 

          The competent authority has confirmed that CerebralCare Granules is highly safe and effective on the dizziness or headache caused by various reasons. 

          Cerebralcare Granules had the China National New Medicine Certificate in 1996. While in 1999, it has been listed in China National Fundamental Medicine Catalogue.

          In the same year, the product received National Invention Patent and a year later in 2000; it was listed in the National Protective Medicine Catalogue.

            Product Name: Tasly Deepure Quick Dissolving Puerh  Tea

            Ingredients: 100% Puerh Tea (processed) Extract

            Dosage: 1-2 sachets one time

            Package: 0.5g * 30pieces/Can

            Functions: Scientific- Safe- Health- Convenience
            • Modern biological fermentation more healthy ingredients
            • Advanced extracting and spray drying technology
            • Highly concentrated puerh tea essence
            • Nano-grade instant powder
            • Free of heavy metals and pesticide residues

          In the city of Pu’er, the material origin of Deepure, are 45,000 hectares of well-preserved subtropical primeval forests, where the 2,700-year-old ancient Puerh tea tree king is still standing upright with verdant leaves as if to tell people the long history and tremendous vitality of Puerh tea.

          Made from premium leaves of the large-leaf variety planted at eco-friendly high-altitude regions in Pu??r, Yunnan province by scientific biological fermentation and state-of-the-art processing techniques, Deepure contains highly-concentrated instant submicron Puerh essence, which consists of Puerh factors composed of scientifically formulated tea polyphenols, theabrownin, tea polysaccharide and theine. Featuring strong aroma, ruddy color, delicious taste and instant dissolution, the additive-free Deepure can be enjoyed at any time and absorbed by human body in no time to quickly play its healthcare effect.

          Nowadays human health is impaired by the excessive blood lipids, blood sugar, cholesterol and fat accumulated in the body. Drink Deepure to lower your body burden, better your health and improve your physical condition.

          To enjoy a cup of strong or weak Deepure, take 1-2 sachets and pour adequate water;Use lukewarm water to achieve the original flavor

          Product Name: iCP (Tasly Danshen Plus Capsule)

          -Danshen (Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae)
          -Sanqi (Radix Notoginseng)

          1-2 capsules PO qd-bid ac

          250mg* 30 capsules

          Functions :
          1. Enhance vascular elasticity.
          2. Keep vessels clear and reduce lipid sediment & thrombosis.
          3. Dispel garbage and remove obstructive plaque.
          4. Improve circulation and increase blood flow.


          Borneol is used in traditional Chinese medicine as moxa. An early description is found in the Bencao Gangmu. Borneol is a component of many essential oils, and it is a natural insect repellent.

          Panax notoginseng is a species of the genus Panax, and it is most commonly referred to in English as notoginseng. In Chinese it is called tiánqī, tienchi ginseng, sānqī or sanchi, three-seven root, and mountain paint 

          Salvia miltiorrhiza, also known as red sage, Chinese sage, tan shen, or danshen, is a perennial plant in the genus Salvia, highly valued for its roots in traditional Chinese medicine.

          Hawthorn (Crataegus) contains a combination of flavonoids that can protect the heart against oxygen deprivation and the development of abnormal rhythms. It dilates coronary blood vessels, improving the flow of blood to the heart. It strengthens the heart muscle and works to help the body rid itself of excess salt and water. It reduces blood levels of cholesterol and triglycerides, and brings down high blood pressure. Choose a standardized extract containing 1.8 percent vitexin-2 rhamnosides.
          Citrin - an extract from the plant Garcinia cambogia, inhibits the synthesis of fatty acids in the liver. It helps to prevent the accumulation of potentially dangerous fats in the body. 
          Guggul - This ayurvedic herb is derived from a type of myrrh tree. It has been shown to lower blood-fat levels while raising levels of HDL, the so called "good cholesterol."
          Note: Do not use this herb if you have a thyroid disorder.
          Grape seed extract with oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCS) may lower high blood pressure, which can cause heart disease.
          Soy - Soy had been long popular in Asia. It has been proven to be heart protectors also.When people with high cholesterol are put on a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, their cholesterol levels usually drop. But if you replace the animal protein in their diet with soy protein, their cholesterol levels are found to drop significantly lower. One study has showed that soy protein could cancel out the effect of 500 mg of cholesterol deliberately added to the daily diet.Although soy can lower cholesterol levels in those with normal levels, it works best in people with elevated cholesterol.
          Brewer's Yeast - Brewer's yeast can lower the total cholesterol and LDL while raising the helpful HDL. (Brewer's yeast is not the same as the yeast we use in the kitchen.) In one study with normal- and high-cholesterol patients, 11 healthy volunteers were given brewer's yeast. Eight weeks later, 10 of the 11 people with normal cholesterol levels had even lower total cholesterol levels and increased HDL levels. Among the 15 volunteers with high cholesterol, eight enjoyed the same beneficial results.
          Cordyceps - Cordyceps is a Chinese herb. It can slow the heart rate, increase blood supply to the arteries and heart, and lower blood pressure.
          Artichoke leaf extract reduces blood cholesterol and protects the liver. This herb has antioxidant activity and may inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol, a factor in atherosclerosis.
          Cat's claw contains a variety of valuable phytochemicals that inhibit the processes involved in the formation of blood clots. It increases circulation and inhibits inappropriate clotting. Thus, it may help to prevent stroke and reduce the risk of heart attack.
          Oat straw and kava kava are tonics for the nervous system.
          White willow bark contains salicin, an aspirinlike compound. It has been used for centuries much as aspirin is today. Aspirin is often recommended for cardiovascular condition. This herb may provide the same protection without stomach upsets associated with aspirin.
          Note: Do not take this herb if you are allergic to aspirin.
          Other herbs that are beneficial for cardiovascular disorders include barberry, black cohosh, butcher's broom, cayenne (capsicum), dandelion, ginseng, and valerian root.

          Popular in Asia for centuries, green tea helps to keep blood pressure under control. It also may help keep cholesterol from clogging arteries.

          The tea contains Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG) and other substances that protect the body against the dangers of oxidation, while helping to keep the harmful LDL cholesterol down and the helpful HDL cholesterol up. They also assist in keeping blood pressure under control.

          Of course, no one food will protect you from disease. Your health is wrapped up in your lifestyle and your genes, so even if you drink green tea all day long, you also need to take care of yourself in other ways, like not smoking, being active, and eating a healthy diet.

          Green tea is made from Camellia sinensis leaves that have not undergone the same withering and oxidation applied when processing Camellia sinensis into oolong tea and black tea. Green tea originated in China, but its production has spread to many countries in Asia.

          Some of the benefits of Green tea are listed below:
          • Green tea increases the body metabolism rate thereby reduces the risk to obesity.
          • Green tea helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar, thereby lowers risk to type II Diabetes.
          • Green tea reduces the risk to Cancer due to its antioxidant quality.
          • Green tea reduces bad cholesterol  to the good cholesterol in the blood.
          • Green tea delays the deterioration caused by Alzheimer’s and Parkinson, protects the brain cells from deterioration in old age.
          • Green Tea contains the chemical antioxidant "Catechin" which has some anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect aiding against tooth decay and lowers risk to infections.
          • Green tea consumption is thought to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. 
          • Green Tea contains Theanine, an amino acid naturally found in tea leaves.It assist with depression and stress.
          • Green tea can apparently also help with wrinkles and the signs of aging.
          • Green Tea May Decrease Your Risk of Dying.
          Husbands and wives who feel the strain of caring for a sick or disabled spouse are at a higher risk of stroke than those who do not have to care for their significant other, a new study suggests.
          Spouse caregivers who said they were stressed had a 95 percent higher stroke risk when compared to "matched" non-caregivers with similar demographic, lifestyle and stroke risk factors, according to the study.
          Stroke is one of the leading causes of adult disability, so overnight someone can go from perfectly fine to having severe impairments in physical and cognitive function, and this can put a really big strain on the family.
          Chronic stress boosts blood levels of the hormone cortisol and heightens inflammation in the body. This can cause arteries to harden and narrow and, ultimately, restrict blood flow to the brain, resulting in a stroke.
          It's important to study the health effects of caregiving, particularly as adults in the "sandwich generation" take care of elderly family members as well as their own children.
          For the study, researchers examined data for more than 6,000 caregivers and non-caregivers who participated in a study of men and women aged 45 or older who enrolled from 2003 to 2007.
          Participants were deemed caregivers if they were providing care on an ongoing basis to any family member with a chronic illness or disability.
          Caregivers were asked about their relationship to the patient and the amount of physical and mental strain they associated with that care -- either none, some, or a lot.
          During an average 8.5 year follow-up period, the caregivers who reported moderate or high levels of strain from handling the needs of their ill or disabled spouse showed a statistically significant increase in stroke risk.
          Depression and isolation may also be factors in their perceived stress levels.
          Researchers noted that family caregivers are "very under supported." As a first step, they suggested that physicians speak to family caregivers of ill and disabled patients about having their own health evaluated.
          Researchers encourages the patients who are under stress to take time for themselves each day to focus on their own well-being, by exercising or meditating. For example. Tasly Health Product is one of the best choice.
          Future research should examine the cumulative effects of chronic psychological stress on caregiving, including financial strain and work-related stress.
          When you take care of others, please do not forget to take care of yourself.
          WebMD News from Health Day, By Karen Pallarito, Health Day Reporter
          Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese traditional and graceful form of sports which originated from nearly 1,000 years ago. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow, focused manner and accompanied by deep breathing.
          Tai Chi has many different styles. Each style may subtly emphasize various Tai Chi principles and methods. There are variations within each style. Some styles may focus on health maintenance, while others focus on the martial arts aspect of Tai Chi.
          Recently, Cole, Wijarnpreecha et al. from Chiang Mai University, Thailand have finished a review research about Tai Chi’s effectiveness of improvement to the cardiac function. The result demonstrates the aerobic property and deep breathing during the practice of Tai Chi could significantly enhance the heart rate variability (HRV: the variation in the period between consecutive R-R intervals on an electrocardiogram, increased HRV is beneficial to health), warranting research in to the effects of Tai Chi on autonomic nervous system modulation and heart rate variability. Moreover, It has been shown that Tai Chi also has the ability to improve symptoms of several types of cancer, Parkinson’s and cognitive impairment, reduce anxiety and stress, enhance balance, augment flexibility, increase strength, improve cardiovascular risk factors, increase strength, improve symptoms ensuing rheumatologic diseases, and reduce blood pressure.
          Additional benefits of TC include its ability to be practiced individually at home or as part of a group since it can either incorporate exercise into busy lifestyles, or facilitate socializing. TC can be performed anywhere, does not require any equipment, is a cheap form of exercise, and is suitable for all due to its ability to be adapted.
          TCM products and Chinese traditional exercises have become increasingly popular all over the world because of its concept to lead a healthy lifestyle, achieving the harmony as Man Nature Unity and Better Life Quality.
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          Cole, A. R., et al. (2016). "Effects of Tai Chi exercise on heart rate variability." Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice 23: 59-63.
          Tai Chi: A gentle way to fight stress, Tai Chi helps reduce stress and anxiety. And it also helps increase flexibility and balance.

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