Product Name: Tasly Milk Calcium

Milk Calcium + Vitamin D

tablets PO bid

21000mg × 100 tablets

Milk calcium Traditional Calcium Active Calcium
Processing Manner Extracted from natural milk through ionic exchanging. Chemical synthesize. Such as: Carbonate Calcium (Not dissolve in water), Lactic Acid Calcium (Dissolve in water) etc. Calcining from oyster shell

(Not dissolve in water).
Calcium Capacity ≥10% ≥3% ≥1%
Absorb Ratio ≥90% ≥20-60% ≥20-60%
Side Effects No To stimulate the stomach. Calcium is difficult to be absorbed. High alkalescence capacity is easy to cause discomfort of stomach and anorexia..
Factors affecting the calcium absorbing

Ca/P access to 2:1 near to the ratio of bone, which is easy to be absorbed by human-beings.

To promote calcium absorb.

To help absorb calcium
1. Access to 2:1

2. Abundant

3. Suitable
1. No

2. No

3. No
1. No

2. No

3. No

  1. Supplement human body with plentiful calcium, phosphorus and proteins and help in the formation and development of bones
  2. Help to prevent and treat hypo-genesis and osteoporosis of children due to calcium deficiency
  3. Good taste, easy to absorb and without any heavy metal or side effect
Calcium one of the most important mineral having a multiple role in the human body. Absence of calcium in the body results in low body immunity, collagen diseases, chronic rheumatic arthritis, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis, migraine, diabetes, obesity and hypertension like diseases.

At the same time it is effective for excessive sweating, anorexia, insomnia. The high content of calcium and easy absorption has made Tasly Milk Calcium Tablets an outstanding product of modern times. Addition of Vitamin D makes Tasly Milk Calcium tablets more nutritious.

What ages is Milk Calcium best fit for?
The normal eating habit can not meet the body’s daily demand for calcium. Therefore, ingestion of additional calcium is necessary for people at all ages, especially pregnant women, seniors, babies and children. Calcium deficiency causes malnutrition and underdevelopment for children, produces negative impacts on the next generation in the case of pregnant women, and leads to osteoporosis in the elderly and inclination to bone fracture as a result of falling.


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