TASLY is a chinese owned pharmaceutical company creating health and achieving future by selling its products through the multi level strategies. The products are so efficient in such a way that even the USA FDA gives approval to their usage in USA and WHO has given credit to them, the international standardization etc have given full support and credit to our products.
We are using this medium to reach out to you about TASLY AFRICA, the best Multi - Level marketing (MLM) company in Nigeria. We aim at creating health and wealth, achieving future.






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STEP ONE: Become a Member

Are you recommended by another person of the unique Tasly products? Do you feel the benefit of the products? So why don’t you also get more benefit from the business while enjoying our products, so try it, join us as a member so you can earn 20% retail Profit immediately.

STEP TWO: Enjoy the benefit

You start to get the benefit from both the products and business; now when your Personal Business Volume (PBV) reaches 100 BV, you will earn 5% bonus of your PBV and also the BV of your down lines who is below the level of senior member of the month plus retail profits.

STEP THREE: Recommend to others

So do more, recommend the products and business to others, and when your PBV reaches 300 BV you will get 20% of your own purchase and 0%- 20% of your down line purchase monthly. Bonuses are collected faster, reliably.(Retail profit, Direct bonus, leadership bonus, fast developing award and honorable award-tourism, brand car, villa) You move to the top of the ladder faster than possible in any other MLM. Our products are very efficient and life supporting, as well as marketable. You have a chance to get a Car Award (in Level 7 and Health Rank Star 2)…

The taste of the Pudding is in its eating. No single TASLY AFRICA distributor who knows the onus of the business will tell you he or she regrets becoming a member of TASLY AFRICA.In TASLY AFRICA its always goodness, success, bonuses, collection, advancement, progress. Experience financial freedom as you move up the ladder. Now you know why TASLY is better and easier. Join the moving train. In TASLY you are sure of your DESTINATION.

Business Profile

Tasly Phar.-International is a global direct selling organization wholly owned by China Tasly.

Tasly Phar.-International takes the Greater-Health industry as its orientation and modern TCM as its core business and it scope covers businesses of herbal plantation, healthcare products, cosmetics, health drinking and new package industries. It has grown up to be an international group of companies by conducting the corporate philosophy of 'Harmonizing Human and Nature, Improving the Quality of Life' and adhering to the mission of modernization and globalization of TCM.

Our confidence in our products comes from what our customers around the globe tell us: these products produce result which they have expected; they are the result of modern technology applied to ancient TCM philosophy; and they are the perfect marriage of the modern and the classic.

Most importantly, our excellent products and compensation plan demonstrate our commitment to provide you superior nutritional herbal supplements with opportunity to earn good money.

It is our honor that you have chosen Tasly to realize your personal healthy and financial dreams. Welcome to Tasly Business, and best wishes for your heath and success.

Business Opportunity

Are you struggling towards a better life for you and your family? Are you getting the rewards your hard work deserves?

Join in Tasly Phar.-International, we will provide you the flexibility to work where and when you want, giving you time for family and friends as well as the opportunity to earn a good income. In our team, we will offer you all the personal support and assistance you require to become the Independent Business Owner you to help you succeed and finally in control of your life.

Be A Member

To become a member of Tasly Phar.-International, you only need to pay a little money and hence enjoy the benefit of product purchasing at distributor's price. To enjoy the benefits from both products and business, you only need to recommend our products and business to others. Tasly Marketing Plan

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