It is a well known fact that whenever we think skin care, we think the cosmetic industry. Today, the new slogan is "anti aging", which touches our fears of growing old. Anti aging skin care products now account for close to 9.9 billion dollars of the cosmetic industry, an unexpected increase over time.


What are skin care products? Are they the listed cosmetic creams that are all over the shelves in cosmetic ships, recommended by your dermatologist and certified by the associated regulatory bodies? This could very well be some needed market strategy to keep money flowing into the pockets of the goons who make people addicted to their products.

Skin care products are creams, lotions, powders and others that allows the skin to receive a concocted magic potion in a jar. These potions promises the fountain of youth which has so far been unproven with time.

    We have always known that free radicals will always be generated in the human body at anytime as we age and they are almost uncontrollable. The success of antioxidants in battling these free radicals which actually attacks normal cells for their own pleasure has brought a major breakthrough to the skin care industry as well.

    Collagen, an essential skin component that is necessarily for the blustering nature of our skin can be attached and depreciated by these free radicals but when tackled by these antioxidants, they prevent this depreciation, leaving the body still nourished with high collagen content.

    One of the richest antioxidant in the world is Astaxanthin and it has been known to eliminate free radicals faster than the green tea, being over 6000 times potent than vitamin C. Today a company has successfully integrated this powerfil antioxidant into a cream base still under going test but gaining a huge result in the Malaysian market via its trial pack.

    If these products are well designed as theoretically stated, a level of antioxidants can be achieved that may include attacking free radicals. Suppose antioxidants disables free radicals, reduces or even reverse collagen damage, that means younger looking skin. At the moment, these are mere promises; wishful thinking.

    In Response to wound healing, a series of peptide chains known to ratchet up collagen production. Thus a collagen deficient skin can be presented as a wounded skin and thus encourage the production of collagen to abate this defect. Sounds very theoretical at the moment and still in research.

    Turning back the hands of time by tinkering DNA seems feasible and well understood to be a huge possibility. Putting this huge property component in a jar is the most unrealistic part. These products are expected to send small packets of required enzymes to the cells with capability DNA repair.

    The human skin is a very complex number of cells unlike the single celled structure used in analysis in the dish in the Laboratory, thus it might be unrealistic to expect successful result from such analysis alone.
Amidst all these, prevention still holds the key. Stay out of the sun, wear sunscreen when necessary, moisturize skin daily and use anything that you believe makes a difference.


Setting up an anti aging skin care plan

Wrinkle creams, eye serums, and other anti aging skin care products helps diminish signs of aging,not eradicate it. To create a better effect on your anti aging skin care campaign, you will need a plan, this starts with a healthy skin care habit.

A healthy skin care habit will help skin prevent a bad complexion, retain skin’s youthful exuberance, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, maintain a brighter and younger complexion, avoid thick skin, reduce skin cancer potentials, and many more.
  • Protect your skin from the sun
  • Seek shade
  • Apply moisturizer every day
  • Stop smoking
  • Get enough sleep

For the average woman and some men out there, the skin is an essential tool for their daily existence. With a beautiful and rich glowing skin, comes the confidence and zeal to explore more opportune life.


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