Tasly Marketing Plan

Understanding Your Business

Tasly Marketing strategy is really that easy to follow for those who can tag along "by the book". It is not rocket science and the product in itself works, which reveals that you dont have to convince anyone to buy, just state the facts as your weekly meetings lectures reveals.

  • BV :- Business Volume, value for each purchase of a business (1 BV = Rp.1.111, -)
  • PBV :- Personal Business Volume, personal spending distributors
  • GBV :- Group Business Volume, the total turnover of distributors and their network
  • DBV :- Different Business Volume, the difference between the turnover upline to downline (side volume)

Start Ups

Registering as a New member is practically at no cost. In layman term, it is technically free to be a member but your business awaits your relationship with the facts and cause of this, you will need to have the following in your archive:

  • Corporate Business Manual with the following content:
    1. Corporate profile
    2. Products guide
    3. Marketing/Paying plan
    4. Rules and regulations
    5. Organizer for your business
  • Small health care booklet on Cardiotonic pill
  • A Video CD on Tasly company as a whole
  • Distributor chest tag
  • An ID card
At such you will need to make up with a fee, "THE STARTUP KIT" purchase (Prices vary in different Countries, Regions and Locations). You might be led in to purchase more of the products for your own good anyways, this will see to your Business Volume (B.V) rise qualifying you for level one.

At level one you become an Independent distributor (I.D) and as the name indicates, you are allowed to take your products and marketing to any where of your choice, hitting your target mark as you wish. Your unique marketing and distribution may allow you carve out a fresh untapped Niche for yourself, and remember the product sells itself, all you have to do is share your excitement.

All sales and purchases must be made through the company or via your "UPLINE", and doing so assures you are credited at every purchases made through your effort. As an I.D, you receive a 15% discount of every product you purchase from the company and dont forget sharing your excitement to a maximum of three others who will get infected likewise.

Things to watchout for as an I.D

  1. Do not be discouraged when people turn you down.
  2. Do not loose your excitement cause of false information.
  3. Get people excited with your basic simple skill, don't learn anew.
  4. Stay focused on the goal at hand, every drop of water does makes the ocean.
  5. Do not register a family member in your immediate "DOWNLINE".
  6. Do not bear the responsibility of a friend in your immediate "DOWNLINE".
  7. Do not register on behalf of another person, hoping to manage both, you will wear out fast.
  8. Finally, dont shove it down anyone's throat, the product sells itself.
These three members you just registered will be your ladder to success cause they play an active part in your rise to the next level. This is easily accomplished as your B.V increases from their activities in purchase of goods as well as following your footsteps to get their own "DOWNLINE".

As they grow to become I.D, they automatically raise you to Senior Independent Distributor (S.I.D). The system understands it is automatic, once you have three active I.D as your "DOWNLINE", you instantly become an S.I.D.

Every active S.I.D receives a 20% off discount of purchases they make directly from the Tasly Location centers, your added bonus is the 2% offered for every purchase made by your "DOWNLINE", automatically generated by the well proven secured system.

The Trend never ends cause your "DOWNLINE" eventually becomes S.I.Ds, this raise you up to Chief Independent Distributor (C.I.D). Your discount offers becomes 25% while you generate 1% from every purchases made from your "DOWNLINE". Remember you now have a lot of people as your "DOWNLINE", thus your income skyrockets amazingly off the roof top.

Advantage Marketing Plan Tasly

  • All BV accumulated indefinitely both Personal and Group
  • Easily done, bonus recommendations are not limited
  • There is no cap on the ranking points early
  • Low cost personal spending, capital quickly returned
  • Network bonuses can enjoy a lifetime, one can still point bonus
  • Replacement referrals, mutual cooperation
  • Ranking is never down
  • The division of the national turnover
  • Award travel, cars, villas without charges
  • Business can be inherited

It continues in the same League where you become Independent Team manager (I.T.M), while your immediate "DOWNLINE" rise to C.I.D. This is where you prove your Managerial skills in driving others to do the work while you ensure they do not loose essential information you gained on your way to the top.

I.T.M earn 30% off purchases, and a whole new bonus is accrued; the Leadership Bonus. Your Personal Business Volume (P.B.V) is set for 200 which is very huge amidst other % you receive from your "DOWNLINE".

To manage your business, you will have to share your experiences and know hows to encourage others keep the excitement going and one of the popular ways to do this is by setting up seminars, in your immediate "DOWNLINE" locations, telling how you came to be where you are and how easy they can make it if they believe.

Other newer ways to do this could be a simple facebook group of your team, whatsapp chat group, a blog of this intensity, a website if you have the technical know hows and consistent communications to keep everyone on their toes.

When you become a Chief Independent Team Manager (C.I.T.M), you will have other I.T.Ms to manage as well, while this is the 7th level, your earning will amaze you but it does not stop here. Every business requires continuity, but the fun is you will no longer be doing the same task you did in the past, you are an equivalent of a Chief Executive Manager (C.E.O), having to train more to be driven positively.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

  1. New Member
  2. Independent Distributor (I.D)
  3. SENIOR Independent Distributor (S.I.D)
  4. CHIEF Independent Distributor (C.I.D)
  8. STAR RANK 1
  9. STAR RANK 2
  10. STAR RANK 3

The next level speaks for itself and as indicated above, the Rank Stars…
1, 2 and 3.
A member who gets to 3 is free for life from poverty and any other related issues…

Our appreciation goes to you all readers, bloggers and those who made time in their busy schedules to appreciate this effort. The opportunity amass but behold few always take the plunge. Join in this massive playground, you dont have to make it your full time income source, just a bit here and there but i assure you one thing certain; the product sells itself.

Subscribe Below today to get latest trend on how to make your residual income with Tasly marketing, selling products, registering members and sharing the excitement as your effort makes it worth your while. Stay tuned in.


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