Tasly Nano Iron +Vitamin C tablets is a combination of Vitamin C and nanotech. Iron in the form of ingot (spindle) shaped tablets. Product is totally made under high nanotechnology, nourishing and protecting your health, giving you a beautiful complexion. Strengthening vitality and relieving tiredness, Nano Technology makes better absorption and reducing side effects. Give you a better health condition.

Iron is called the 'energy giver'. It attracts oxygen and builds blood. Iron can be found in trace amounts in every organ. Iron is one of the most common deficiencies in men as well as women, although women require more Iron than men because of their menstrual cycle. Without sufficient Iron, the body can't manufacture enough new hemoglobin (the red-cell protein that transports oxygen in blood). Iron helps the body rid itself of carbon dioxide and keeps liver tissue soft.

Iron combines with other nutrients to produce vital blood proteins and is involved in food metabolism, digestion, elimination, and circulation.

Vitamin C improves Iron's absorption.
Some Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

Anemia, anorexia, brittle nails, constipation, dizziness, depression, dysphasia, fatigue/lack of stamina, fragile bones, growth retardation, headaches, hair loss, unnaturally pale skin, and ice eating (pica).

Suggested usage: Adult 1 tablet daily
Specification: 40 tablets/bottle<


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