Tasly B-Cleansing Granules is a new generation herbal food supplement. Its a combination of effective Chinese herbs made under highly accreditation techniques. It comes in granules, nourishing brain and reviving vital energy.

It is said to dilate the cerebral arteries and improving oxygen supply by promoting blood circulation. Improves brain micro-circulation and prevents vascular spasm. Mainly effective for overcoming various types of headache. It prevents headache due to hypertension, headache due to stress, menopausal headache, periodic headache, migraine and etc. It helps in dredging the meridan to promote circulation.
People of all ages can benefit from it. Those suffering from headache due to blood deficiency or poor blood circulation of brain can make use of it most. B-Cleansing Granules is the product of modern technology, made under high graded techniques. A distinct herbal product nourishing liver and improving blood circulation, thus improving symptoms like sleep disorder, restlessness, e.t.c. Having no side effects no side effects and beneficial for all age groups.
Specification: 4gx10sachets
Dosage: 1 sachet per time, 1 to 2 times per day, taken with Lukewarm water.
Precoifion: It is not advised for pregnant women and people having low blood pressure


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