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Tasly - Pharmaceutical Company was founded on May 1994. Through decades of development with Great Health industry as guideline and pharmaceutical industry as its center, Tasly - Pharmaceutical Company has become a hi-tech group whose scope of business includes modern Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), chemical medicine, biological medicine, healthcare products, functional food, covering the fields of research and development, planting, manufacturing and distribution.

Through innovations in standards and technologies, Tasly - Pharmaceutical Company has created a manufacturing process for TCM modernization and set up an internationalized advanced, standardized, digital and intelligent big industrial system, which produces high-quality, stable and controllable TCM products.

Utilizing ground-breaking technology and cutting-edge science, Tasly - Pharmaceutical Company has performed over 1000 clinical research trials. It has developed chemical-free medications which have been approved by the United States (USA) Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the medicine have been launched in 34 countries benefiting over a billion patients worldwide.

Tasly Pharmaceutical Ranking
Tasly - Pharmaceutical Company was successfully listed as public company (Class A stock ) in Shanghai Stock Exchange on August 8th, 2002, which symbolizes the start of capital operation of Tasly. This spurs on Tasly to make large dose determination in accelerating its progress in all aspects.

 In recent years, Tasly - Pharmaceutical Company's strategy of internationalization is being conducted in full swing. It had already set up two organizing systems of international trade and international direct sales, and established a global marketing mode of expanding from developing countries to developed countries, and taking direct sales as major force to bring along distribution method. Key regional markets have taken shape in Southeast Asia, Europe, North America and Africa. Its major products have registered in 34 countries and regions, and Cardio tonic Pill undergoes FDA and EMEA (Europe, Middle East, & Africa Countries) Phase II and Phase III clinical trials.

By the end of 2006,only in Africa, the number of members reaches 220,000, covering 20 countries. The overseas branches earned $31.58 million in sales, and $6.97 million foreign exchange through self-run export. Local influence of the brand effect has taken shape. Channels for overseas cooperation keep expanding, and this lays solid foundation for TCM entering into the main stream of international medical market.


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