Product Name: Tasly Phytoestrogen Tablet

Radix Paeoniae Alba Extractum & Soy Isoflavones

2-3 capsules PO bid

500mg x 90 tablets

Nutritional information:
0.602 g Soy Isoflavone
1.110 g Paeoniflorin per 100g

1. Regulate estrogen and delay aging
2. Suppress menopausal symptoms
3. Prevent diseases like breast cancer and endometrial cancer

 Tasly phytoestrogen is a natural nutritional supplement with no side-effects. It can complement estrogen and prevent aging. Soy Isoflavone the main ingredients of Tasly Phytoestrogen, has passed the safety accreditation certificate.

Function of Estrogen, one kind of female hormone, is not substitutive. The well-balanced estrogen leads to the healthy and beautiful life of females. Low levels of estrogen causes skin laxity, menstrual turbulence, low sexual desire, loss of emotions etc. So females have to maintain a balanced estrogen level in order to keep good health and to prevent aging and Tasly Phytoestrogen Capsule is the best choice.

After 7 days administration: sleep meliorate, vagina secretion increase and easier feces excretion After 15 days administration: mood stabilizes, skin becomes smooth and lustrous, menopause syndromes reduce or disappear.

After 30 days administration: weight loss, color of nipples and mammary areola become light, waist and leg ache alleviates.

Can Phytosoy mitigate the menopausal syndrome?
Impaired ovarian function and decreased estrogen levels around menopause result in functional disorders of various organs and tissue and caused a series of menopausal symptoms, which may be prevented and relieved by supplementing estrogen.


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